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Product name:GM-WPS2000 Horizontal glass automatic sandblasting machine

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GM-WPS2000Horizontal glass automatic sandblasting machine

GM-WPS2000Horizontal glass automatic sandblasting machine


Technial parameters

model GM-WPS1300 GM-WPS 1800 GM-WPS 2000 GM-WPS 2600
Dimension 3000x2100x1850mm 3450x2600x1850mm 3710x2850x1850mm 4210x3450x1850mm
 Max. glass width 1200mm 1700mm 1900mm 2500mm

Min. Size Glass

100x100mm 100x100mm 100x100mm 100x100mm
Glass Thickness 3-25mm 3-25mm 3-25mm 3-25mm
Output•M2/Hr 43.2 SQM 61.2 SQM 68.4 SQM 90.0 SQM
Power 2.76 kw 3.74 kw 5.90 kw 7.85 kw
Weight 1800 kg 1900 kg 2150 kg 3200 kg

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